Legendary Canine

Legendary Canine
Spa day at H&H headquarters! Nothing like a warm towel and some pampering after a natural dog shampoo bath.

Do you know how hard it is to find a 100% natural dog shampoo that actually lathers? Look no further than Legendary Canine. I’ve been a fan of them since before I joined Henry & Harvey so with a mandate to partner with companies we love, this maker of 100% natural dog care products that actually work was high on my list.

Serendipity brought company founder and chief product developer, Nancy, to our neighborhood this past month where I got to sit down with her for a coffee and to learn all about the Legendary Canine product line and how she got her start. Like many pet owners and their pets, Nancy and her dog Jax were struggling with his debilitating skin allergies. She tried the conventional medical approach but it wasn’t working so she did some digging and started formulating natural skin care products to help him heal. The result of course was the birth of the awesome Legendary Canine line of dog care products!

100% natural dog care products
Henry taking a taste of Legendary Canine’s 100% natural ‘Snout’ butter for dogs – yum!

During our meeting, I told her about my Border Collie mix, Mint, described as a cross between a Tasmanian Devil and Red Bull, who had recently burnt her pad by running too fast at the park.  Nancy gave me a bottle of her Wound and Hotspot spray for dogs.  Within 24 hours, Mint’s pad was almost completely healed and within three days she was back to running around like a Tasmanian Devil. With results like that, what’s not to like?

We love that all her products are hand crafted in small batches using ethically sourced human grade ingredients that are safe for all dogs, especially those with allergies and sensitive skin. Get to know more about this great company, including their commitment to quality, responsibly sourced ingredients, honesty and transparency when you visit their website at www.LegendaryCanine.com.

Welcome to the team Nancy and Jax of Legendary Canine! We’re so excited to be working with you.

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