Summer is Here..Get Your Gear!!!

Summer is Here..Get Your Gear!!!

Surprise! its summer…spring? Who knows anymore – but the weather is warm and that’s all that matters. We all knew that it would eventually come but somehow it still snuck up on us, probably because January lasted 3 months and we truly never thought it would end. With the warmer weather coming out of nowhere and surprising us all, we thought we would put together a quick post on some of the gear you should have immediately.

The new heat brings with it some pesky side effects – bugs. Although some bugs are cute and helpful, most of them are honestly just annoying. Since we don’t live in a perfect world where its warm and bug free, all we can do is try to mitigate the annoyances and risks for ourselves and our pet babies.

Here are some tools against BUGS:

Diatomaceous Earth By Baie Run:

DE is an all-natural product made from diatoms ground up into a very fine powder.

There are two different types of DE – Food Grade and non-Food Grade. Non-Food Grade would be of a yellowish colour and is mostly used for pool cleaning and fish tank filters. Food Grade will be whiter as it has gone through the extra process of removing the clay.

Baie Run DE for pesticide use is 100% pure clay-free diatomaceous earth.

DE is applied externally on your pet focusing mainly on the haunches, underbelly, back end and tail area where fleas like to feast. When applied every three weeks during flea season (and again after swimming or bathing) it is a natural preventative for fleas and ticks.

If your pets already have fleas:  you can put DE in their bedding, carpets, your bedding, or anywhere else your pet tends to hang. Leave DE on the carpet for 12-24 hours and remove any insects. Vacuum or wash and then reapply. Repeat this process until insects are eliminated.

DE works because the microscopic particles have sharp edges that cut the exoskeleton of the insect causing it to dry out and perish (which is almost sad but not really). DE is safe for use on all breeds, pregnant/ nursing cats or dogs, kittens and puppies under 8 weeks, chicken coops, horses and small animal cages.

Some other great uses for DE are:

Bed bugs, lice, mites, ants & aphides.  Personally, I use it around door ways in my house to keep out ants in the spring – it works wonders.

Fur Freshener By Legendary Canine:

This product is chemical free, alcohol free, and 100% natural. Not only is it great for keeping your pet fresh and clean, I personally use this as a bug spray. The ingredients are alcohol free Witch Hazel, distilled water, vegetable glycerine, citronella, lavender, lemon, and lemon grass essential oils. Citronella is known to repel mosquitoes and those pesky little black flies that can cause your pet to have red itchy skin. This product is great for those nights around the camp fire, cottage, hiking, or anywhere you can find bugs. Our customers swear by this product.

Henry getting his spray on to help him avoid pesky insects.

Legendary Canine has some other great products for summer. The bar shampoos are 100% natural and can be taken to the lake guilt free as they are biodegradable and earth friendly. Henry is prone to seasonal allergies that flare up in the spring, poor guy has all sorts of hot spots that come up and Legendary Canine Hot Spot Spray has been a gift from the heavens for us – so much so that if I had to pick one product for the summer – this would be it.

I love H&H but they are stinky when they get wet – the Dry Shampoo has helped to combat the stench on the days that we are in and out of the water… especially when we get a cottage invite to a friend’s place and want to be invited back. I simply just shake some on them when they dry off and voila, they smell great again.

Sun & Bug Blocker by Hurtta:

One of our awesome new partners is Hurtta, a company that was literally created with the outdoor adventure state of mind. A great addition to your summer line up is the Sun and Bug Blocker. The premium-quality Archroma Sanitized® finishing helps protect your dog from mosquitoes, horseflies, ticks and harmful UV radiation in sunlight (UPF 40+). Textiles with a Archroma Sanitized® finish are dermatologically tested and safe for dogs. The finishing retains efficiency even after a hundred washes.

Camping with the Sun and Bug Blocker!

Some other great Hurtta summer gear is:

Cooling Vest & Coat

Outback Dreamer Camping Bed

Trail Pack

Hiker Belt

And so much more!



I don’t know about you but there is nothing I love more than a hot summer night. I truly want to cherish every warm evening where I can walk around after sunset in a t shirt. Obviously, I want my puppers outside with me and keeping them safe is my first priority. Head-Lites has the solution – LED collars, The perfect addition to an evening or night walk. These collars are so bright and so amazing for walking at night, at dusk, at the cottage, on a street – really

anywhere. Not only are they amazing for safety – they are actually the cutest! Did I mention that they are made in Canada! The features are endless; super bright, highly visible, powered by 2 AAA batteries, made with high quality materials, reliable in all weather conditions, functionally fashionable, and machine washable. Now if that wasn’t enough – Head-Lites collars are being used for so much good around the world; by search and rescue dogs, long distance mushing teams and assistance and service dogs.

In addition to all these wonderful products that we have highlighted a lot of our partners have some perfect attire to flaunt in the summer. If you would like to go over some product education, see samples, or even run a summer fun event at your store please reach out to your H&H rep and set up a meeting.

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